On May 18, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a 3-2 decision to restrict the consideration of climate change effects in FERC environmental assessments for new natural gas pipeline projects as part of an order denying rehearing on Dominion Transmission’s New Market Project in New York. Under the ruling, FERC would now only consider greenhouse gas emissions associated with constructing the proposed pipeline rather than considering a project’s potential effect on production and consumption of natural gas. In the decision, the majority wrote that FERC would no longer prepare “upper-bound” estimates of greenhouse gas emissions that would result from changes in gas production and consumption when new pipeline capacity is brought online, as such information is speculative under the National Environmental Policy Act. The two dissenting commissioners argued that the emissions that result from upstream and downstream gas consumption are not speculative but are cumulative and indirect impacts of a new project, necessitating FERC review.