Thermolife International CEO Ron Kramer has filed a defamation action against a bodybuilding blogger, whom Kramer says called him a “rat” who helped bring down a distributor of illegal steroids to athletes, including baseball player Barry Bonds. Kramer v. Romano, No. 14-6790 (U.S. Dist. Ct., C.D. Cal., filed August 29, 2014). In March 2014, a New Jersey federal court ordered another blogger for the same site to cease claiming that Kramer had helped an investigation into the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, which authorities accused of supplying “The Clear,” an illegal steroid, to Barry Bonds, runner Tim Montgomery and track-and-field Olympian Marion Jones. Kramer claims that another blogger for the site continues to accuse him of aiding the investigation, and he says the blogger has also implied that (i) he has erectile dysfunction, (ii) he and Thermolife are patent trolls and (iii) he is a “danger to children.” He seeks $4 million in damages. See Courthouse News Service, September 3, 2014.