In a recent judgment handed down by the English High Court, Universal Balancing Limited has been found to have infringed Schenck's patent for its innovative device and method for attaching balancing weights to rotors.

In this case Schenck's particular patented technology at issue allows a balancing machine to be equipped with a multiple electrode holder to weld several weights on different points on a propshaft without operator invention.

This process allows for example vector splitting to be carried out on a fully automated basis, providing savings in both time and energy and significantly increasing efficiency.

Schenck claimed that Universal Balancing's propshaft balancing machine “KISS-234” infringed its patent. Universal Balancing denied infringement and counterclaimed for a finding that Schenck's patent was invalid. The trial was vigorously contested.

The High Court rejected Universal Balancing's arguments with regards to the validity of the Patent and found that Schenck's patent was valid in its entirety. It further held that the Universal Balancing's “KISS-234” infringed the patent.

Universal Balancing is now subject to an injunction prohibiting it from further infringing Schenck's patent.

A full copy of the Judgment can be found at

“This judgment emphasises the importance and value of patents. It asserts that those who choose to patent their new ideas and technologies should be able to benefit from their efforts to the exclusion of all others for the lifetime of the patent. It further highlights the value of property rights to patent holders and serves as a reminder to keep an eye on your competitors' patents to avoid infringement, unless you are prepared to pay a hefty price,” said Nigel Best, Managing Director of Schenck Limited UK.

For over 125 years Schenck has been at the pinnacle of engineering development, delivering state of the art technology and advanced solutions for balancing and diagnostic services. Schenck spends considerable time, effort and money developing new technology which means that it can offer cutting edge solutions in the field of balancing and diagnostic services.