Evidence was submitted to the Justice Select Committee on the benefits and burdens of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 which published its report over the summer. Some public authorities confirmed that the Act had resulted in better record-keeping and that more care was being exercised in the taking of minutes. Concerns were expressed, however, about the Act being used by the press for fishing expeditions and and that issues were presented in the media out of context, often requiring additional work to explain matters. A dialogue between the Committee and the Information Commissioner ensued in one Select Committee hearing over the disclosure of a risk registers. The questioning MP expressed a concern that perhaps government departments "will not draw up full risk registers because they know the doomsday scenarios, which have to be considered, will be published and become part of the public discourse in a way that completely tilts the balance of debate". The Information Commissioner countered this concern by commenting that "A risk register is the proper identification of the various matters which need to be managed and mitigated. One would assume that the risk register, when published, would show the mitigation arrangements that were in place. It will be the state of the risk register at the time the request was made. [If] we were told that it was very out of date, Ministers would of course explain that, but just because it has the word 'risk' in it does not mean that it is terribly risky and can not possibly be published."