The FCC unveiled its roadmap yesterday for implementing the National Broadband Plan (NBP), with the release of an ambitious quarterly agenda that prescribes more than 60 rulemaking notices (NPRMs), notices of inquiry, and other proceedings that the NBP recommends for FCC action. In an agency news release, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski explained that the agenda sets forth a schedule for, among other things, “reforming universal service to connect all Americans to broadband . . . unleashing spectrum, promoting competition and supporting small businesses.” The FCC’s agenda outlines four specific goals: (1) the promotion of “world leading mobile broadband infrastructure and innovation,” (2) the acceleration of universal broadband access and adoption, (3) the promotion of competition and the maximization of consumer benefits across the broadband ecosystem, and (4) the advancement of “robust and secure public safety communications networks.” During the current quarter, and as part of the NBP’s goal of freeing up 500 MHz of spectrum during the next decade for wireless broadband use, the FCC intends to revise technical rules to allow sharing of the 2.3 GHz band between wireless communications service licensees and satellite digital radio service provider Sirius XM Radio. Further strides toward that goal are expected during the third quarter when the FCC intends to issue NPRMs to (1) accelerate terrestrial broadband deployment in the mobile satellite service bands, and (2) “seek comment on proposals to increase spectrum efficiency and innovation” in the broadcast TV bands. Among other things, the FCC will also take initial steps toward the establishment of the “Connect America” fund with the release of an NPRM and notice of inquiry this month that proposes reforms to the Universal Service high-cost fund.