Legal teams deal with a wide variety of corporate agreements, of which the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), or confidentiality disclosure agreement (CDA) as they are sometimes called, are among the riskiest and the most crucial, especially when dealing with intellectual property. 

In the webinar, Surviving the NDA Nightmare: Managing Legal & Logistical Problems, NDAWorks by ContractWorks takes a deep dive into the management of NDAs, explores the risks and consequences related to them, and shares a wealth of knowledge on how to overcome common challenges with them in your organization.

Here are a few areas covered, and expanded upon, in the webinar: 

The value of NDAs

  • Corporate growth through collaboration
  • Establish important tone for partnerships
  • Provides legal protection against misappropriation of trade secrets 

The most common NDA Challenges 

  • Logistics & Operational Overhead
  • Hidden obligations
  • Future legal risk
  • Transactional risk 

The most common NDA risk factors

  • High Volume of NDAs
  • Industry Specific Risk Factors
  • Signing other companies’ NDAs
  • Other side has leverage and your subordinate in the relationship

The most common criticisms (and how to overcome them)

  • From Investors
  • From Partners
  • From Internal Team

Addressing commonly negotiated clauses

  • Right to Assign
  • Non-solicitation
  • Choice of Law
  • Indemnification
  • Entire Agreement Clause

Process improvements (no software needed) 

  • Single NDA point person
  • Centralized storage
  • Provide sales teams with pre-signed non-negotiable template
  • Standardize written guidelines
  • Review and reconsider how many NDAs are being signed and sent 

What can software do? 

  • Further complicate the process


  • Save time
  • Help manage obligations
  • Mitigate risk
  • Navigate transactions without issues

For a full overview of how legal teams can save time and minimize organizational risk when managing NDA’s view this webinar. You’ll learn how a few simple features can help the legal department regain control of non-disclosure agreements.