The former principal of an educational institution received a suspended five year jail sentence and was ordered to repay the $46,486 in EMDG grant money received due to fraudulent information being provided during an EMDG audit.

As any EMDG applicants be will be aware, the EMDG program is heavily audited with thorough reviews conducted in order to substantiate the nature of the claims made, including a review of supporting documentation. In order to facilitate this audit activity, Austrade maintains a Special Investigations Unit (SIU) which audits high risk EMDG applications. In this case, the SIU reviewed this educational institution’s EMDG application and during this review identified forged international money transfer receipts.

During the subsequent case, the Court further found evidence that the applicant had made false claims with respect to cheque payments and electronic funds transfers. In addition to involving the SIU team, Austrade also utilised the Federal Police in executing a search warrant to determine the fraud in this case.

The case and resultant sentencing serves to reinforce the importance of having substantiating and contemporaneous documents to support any EMDG application.

An EMDG Approved Consultant, will be able to assist claimants navigate their way through the application process, in order to provide Austrade with an application that achieves the highest possible claim with the lowest risk. Glasshouse Advisory’s Austrade Approved EMDG Consultants also help their clients throughout the entire review and audit process, securing the best outcome for all parties.

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This article was first published on Glasshouse Advisory’s website on 7 November 2018.