Following the Beecroft Report earlier this year, the government has announced that the period of notice which employers must give before making large-scale redundancies is to be cut from 90 to 45 days.

Large scale redundancies occur when an employer is planning to dismiss 100 or more employees at one establishment within a 90 day period.

The change is due to be implemented in April 2013. Jo Swinson, Employment Relations Minister, said the new rules will be better for workers and companies.

Ms Swinson said: "The process is usually completed well within the existing 90-day minimum period, which can cause unnecessary delays for restructuring, and make it difficult for those affected to get new jobs quickly.”

Conversely, the new legislation has received a negative response from the Unions. The TUC comments “Making it easier to sack people is the last thing we need”.

The 90 day consultation period has long been considered overly onerous and unnecessary. It is likely that the changes will be welcomed by businesses, whether the same will be true for employees, remains to be seen.