In Volkerlaser Ltd v Nottingham City Council [2016] EWHC 1501 (TCC), the contractor issued summary judgment proceedings for a 'technical' claim for payment which arose from the employer's failure to serve requisite payment or pay less notices.  These sorts of claim are more usually referred to adjudication.  The contractor Volkerlaser had been employed by the employer City Council to undertake works to a number of properties owned by the City Council.  The contract was based on a TPC2005, and ran for a term that expired on 31 March 2015.  Following the expiry of the term contract, in November 2015 the contractor applied for payment of certain works.  The contract payment terms provided that payment was to be applied for in the month that works were commenced or completed.  The judge therefore concluded that the payment application was not valid, as the works which were the subject of the application had been completed some months previously.  The judge also had to consider the timing of an application where the payment clause in the contract required the application to be made 'at the end of the month'.  Noting that the wording was imprecise, the judge did not accept that such wording limited an application to the last day of the month, but could be validly made if it was submitted shortly after the end of the month 'within three or four working days'.  Having found that the contractor's payment application was not validly submitted, the employer was granted permission to defend the claim.