On 30 March 2011 the Department of Health published further information on HealthWatch. The Plan concentrates on what can be set out now, whilst legislation goes through the Parliamentary process, before HealthWatch England begins to operate and before other parts of the NHS, social care and public health systems have changed.

There are various timetables and plans which readers may find useful:  

  • Page 20 sets out key milestones (albeit this week's press coverage of the Bill may throw this into disarray!)
  • A timetable for pathfinders can be found at page 27
  • The HealthWatch programme of work is located at pages 29 and 30

There is reference to a CQC HealthWatch online forum or community. If you wish to register your interest in that the email address is enquiries.healthwatch@cqc.org.uk.

Finally pages 28 -31 cover the HealthWatch Programme Board and Advisory Group and the DH and Local Government Transition Board.