A new year has arrived, and with it, new predictions and forecasts for cloud computing in 2016. This month’s news round-up is highlighting the positive impact of cloud collaboration for businesses, how the cloud can decrease companies’ security worries, and why 2016 will be a tipping point for cloud computing. 

Cloud collaboration in your enterprise

Karolina Jackson-Ward’s article on CCI explains how leadership is best fuelled by cloud computing and enterprise collaboration. Karolina begins by stating that the advent and rapid revolution of cloud computing and big data are changing people’s working habits. Within a business world that demands a fantastic customer experience and an immediate response in the delivery of products and services, teams’ limits are being pushed as workloads become unmanageable. Karolina claims that the solution lies in modern technology, and although its rapid evolution might cause headaches for businesses, new technology is proving invaluable in bringing managers closer to the core of leadership, helping them provide structure and enabling individuals and teams to focus on getting the right work done at the right time. 

Becky Lawlor, writing for Mobile Business Insights, puts forward the case for bringing cloud-based collaboration tools to your enterprise. Becky believes that the traditional model for workplace collaboration is being turned on its head. BYOD, flexible work arrangements, and an increase in ad-hoc collaboration make it necessary for enterprises to consider new tools that fit with a more mobile and flexible work environment. Becky continues that in a world where a flexible work environment is in high demand, cloud-based collaboration is a necessary tool; one that allows meetings from anywhere, at any time. Becky claims that one of the best ways to enhance employee productivity and innovation is to provide the ability to collaborate and produce work using the applications of their choice. Becky recommends taking a look at your own technology, environment, and employee needs to find the solutions that will work best for you. 

Eliminating security concerns

Compare the Cloud features an article, written by Ben Simpson, on how cloud security can help protect your business. Ben claims that with a wave of recent cyber-attacks on big name companies, staying safe online has become a big concern for businesses, no matter what their size. For many, the cloud is a business solution which works for their business with cost savings and increased business agility. However, with so much now stored in the cloud, protecting your business online isn’t simply a task for IT managers, it’s essential knowledge for all cloud users. To remain safe online, Ben first reminds us to use complex passwords. He says to make sure you update your passwords periodically and never use the same password across all platforms. Using the same password can be like giving a hacker a free run, as they will often try out passwords on all devices. Ben also asks us to train staff. Educating your staff on cloud security can help protect your business from any unwanted threats. Ben recommends scheduling regular meetings with staff to keep them up to date with the latest security solutions, such as making sure to lock devices whenever they are away from their workspace. 

Toby Owen, writing for Internet Security Buzz, highlights how businesses can build confidence in cloud security. According to a report from Vanson Bourne, 76 percent of those surveyed said security was the main concern when using cloud-based services. Toby states, however, that businesses need to keep in mind that data security isn’t dependant on whether the data resides on premise or in the cloud. It all comes down to putting the right security measures in place to protect and prevent future data breaches from happening. Toby believes that companies are missing the opportunity to make huge gains in their productivity, agility, and costs because they are letting common misperceptions around greater security concerns in the cloud stop them in their tracks. For businesses to get past the roadblock of security concerns, Toby says they have to look at service providers, do their due diligence, conduct a self-abasement, and prioritise internal education. As businesses work to build confidence in the cloud, the advantages it brings will become clear and security concerns will fade in to the background. Its agility and ease-of-use will outweigh any doubts about security, and organisations will quickly be on their way to a successful - and secure - cloud transformation.

A tipping point for cloud computing 

Concluding this month’s news round-up is another article on Compare the Cloud, written by Bob Middleton, about the cloud trends set to take off in 2016. Bob states that 2016 will cement the idea that the cloud revelation is here to stay. Cloud computing has become a vital part of any enterprise strategy, democratising the way in which IT delivers services and how users access information and business services. One of Bob’s predictions for 2016 is to see more large enterprises choosing the cloud, stating that large enterprises from every industry have woken up to the advantages it offers and are transitioning their entire infrastructure and data ecosystems to the cloud. Adopting a cloud strategy boosts efficiency, cuts costs and risk, and can help to streamline a firm’s productivity. These benefits, Bob believes, are now impossible to ignore, and 2016 will mark the tipping point for cloud computing