The Confederation of Food and Drink Industries in Europe (CIAA) has questioned the European Commission’s proposal for a regulation on general food and nutritional labelling, after a survey indicated that uptake of its voluntary scheme, introduced in 2006, has been significant.

The draft legislation, published in January of this year, sets out labelling requirements similar to the CIAA’s voluntary guidance daily amounts (GDA) labelling system. Products using the system give the content of calories, sugars, fat, saturates and salt as a proportion of daily recommended levels on the front of the packaging (see April edition of Food safety update).

A recent survey, which looked at a representative sample of 2,026 food and drink producers, found that 44 per cent are now using GDAs on labelling. CIAA is also concerned by the proposal for a minimum font size of 3mm for mandatory information on packs, saying that this could over-clutter the packs and detract from branding, which could ultimately lead to consumer confusion.