On the 25 April 2013, the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) launched its new CIOB Contract for Complex Projects.

Its full title is the “CIOB Contracts for use with Complex Projects, First Edition 2013”. It can also be known as the Complex Projects Contract 2013 or more simply “CPC 2013”.

I recommend those who have not seen the complete set of documents to have a look at it. With the terms and conditions are other documents. These include the Agreement to be signed by the parties; Appendices and a set of User Notes.

My initial impression is that the authors have tried to combine elements of the NEC but with the clauses kept together; aspects of JCT and there is even a nod possibly towards FIDIC.

To give you a “taste” only of the contract - look out for the incorporation of BIM; the nod towards the Society of Construction Law Delay and Disruption Protocol on programming and extensions of time; the role of a Project Time Manager and the enforcement process.

There are plenty of interesting ideas worth considering in the document. It is meant to be capable of being used in the UK and internationally. If it is to be used internationally though the dispute process is likely to need to be reassessed.