Panelists weigh in on Energy Security and the Environment:

  • AK Steel CEO Jim Wainscott says China and other countries have increased production of steel and other manufacturing at a tremendous rate.
  • President of Duke Energy Ohio Julie Janson says her company plans for the long-term by investing in generation plants and transmission and distribution infrastructure. Because Ohio is the fourth largest electric user in U.S., she states our plants and transformers are aging and we need regulation to encourage investment.
  • Anadarko Petroleum Vice President Doug Lawler says environmental groups are pro-oil and gas drilling as long as it is done responsibly, but the impact to the environment must be minimized." He states he is committed to leave the land in better shape than it was when they found it.
  • Dr. Bob Chase of Marietta College says oil and gas developers can safely frack, but must use proper earth control methods. According to Dr. Chase, there is no evidence that fracking ever contaminated groundwater resources and over 80,000 wells in Ohio have been hydraulically fractured in last 50 years without incident. Dr. Chase notes that Ohio has proper disposal wells to handle frack fluid returning to surface and avoid problems.
  • NiSource Executive Vice President and Group CEO Jim Staton says natural gas is now a long-term element of sustainable energy portfolio and federal regulators need to follow Ohio's regulatory lead. To develop shale, Staton says we need clear rules to work with the environmentalists and partner with schools to promote skill sets for the workforce that will be needed.