On June 30, 2017, the Ministry of Energy published in COFEMER (Comisión Federal de Mejora Regulatoria) for public consultation the drafts of six manuals that will govern certain activities undertaken by the participants in the Wholesale Power Market (“WPM”).

Before the drafts are published in the Federal Gazette there is a period of 30 business days to address any comments thereto and such comments may be included in the last version.

Import and Export Guidelines

These guidelines set forth the terms and conditions on import and export of energy to the National Electric System (“SEN”) from the foreign interconnection points indicated below. All market participants must comply with the regulations of the foreign electric systems. The interconnection points to undertake imports and exports in the WPM are the following:

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Guidelines for opportunity costs

The guidelines establish the procedures, instructions, and principle of calculation related to the opportunity costs of “Limited Power Resources,” which is defined as (i) a power plant with limitations to generate power within a period of time, (ii) a controllable demand resource of which its representative has informed CENACE of such limitations, or (iii) a storage system that captures power and stores it in some way as potential power to release it whenever it is required. CENACE is to optimize the use of Limited Power Resources pursuant to their operational characteristics and limitations, to maximize power generation for the SEN.

Guidelines for Transmission and Distribution Service Coverage Agreements

These guidelines set the criteria, terms, and conditions for Coverage Service Agreements executed between market participants and transporters or distributors, which must be registered in an electronic system to prevent open access issues. These guidelines elaborate on the Open Access to General Administrative Provisions for the provision of transportation and distribution services.

Surveillance Market Guidelines

These guidelines establish the provisions, regulations, and procedures to supervise, investigate, and evaluate the correct operation of the WPM. The authorities in charge of enforcing the Surveillance Market Guidelines are: the Surveillance Authority (in charge of the seven Commissioners of the CRE), the Surveillance Unit (in charge of the General Coordination of Power Markets of the CRE), and the Independent Market Monitor (group of independent experts appointed by the CRE).

Interconnection and Connection Guidelines

These guidelines set forth the requirements and procedures to request the interconnection of projects to the transmission grid. These guidelines repeal the former interconnection criteria published on June 2, 2015. Furthermore, these guidelines establish new application forms to obtain the interconnection studies and the execution of the interconnection agreement with the transporters and distributors. CENACE will be the authority in charge of enforcing the guidelines.

Outage Scheduling Guidelines

The purpose of the guidelines is to set forth the procedures, instructions, and calculations for, and examples of the operation and administration of scheduled outages requested by market participants. CENACE will plan and coordinate the outage requests of generators, controllable demand resource representatives, transporters, and distributors to allow them to undertake maintenance work, modifications, extensions, and other necessary activities for the optimal development of the SEN.