The major amendments to the Business Mergers and Acquisitions Act include: (a) a company is now allowed to use shares, cash or other assets as the consideration in exchange for another company’s shares or to spin off the company; (b) approval for transactions such as a merger between sister companies, asymmetric share swap, asymmetric division, and share swap between parent and subsidiary corporations, may be provided by a special resolution of the board of directors; (c) if a company and dissenting shareholders cannot reach an agreement on the buying price, such dispute shall be determined by the court.  However, the company is required to pay these shareholders the price deemed reasonable by the company within 90 days after the adoption of the resolution; (d) the special committee or audit committee of the company whose shares are issued to the public (“Public Company”) shall review in advance if the merger and/or acquisition plan is fair and reasonable, and submit its report to the board of directors and at the shareholders’ meeting; (e) if the publicly traded shares of a public company will be delisteddue to merger and/or acquisition, then the resolution approving such a transaction shall be adopted by shareholders who represent two-thirds or more of the total number of the issued shares; and (f) one who acquires, either individually or jointly with other persons, more than 10% of the total issued shares of a public company shall file a statement with the competent authority in charge of securities within ten days after such acquisition.