On November 21 2019, the General Office of State Counsel of the People's Republic of China published the schedule for public holidays in 2020. The total number of public holidays were increased from 11 days to 13 days annually.

Public Holidays in 2020

The Public Holidays for 2020 are as follows:

Salary Calculation

When calculating the monthly salary for an employee, instead of adopting regular business days or calendar days for a specific month, a figure of 21.75 (days) is the fixed rate used to calculate an employee's monthly salary. An employee's daily salary is calculated as follows:

Monthly Salary / 21.75 days = Daily Salary

Working days versus paydays

The Chinese Ministry of Labour published a notice on January 3 2008 which distinguished working days and paydays.

Working days are calculated as follows:

365 days 104 days (all weekends) 11 public holidays = 250 days

Working days per month: 250 days / 12 months = 20.83 days per month

As the public holidays are raised from 11 days to 13 days, we expect this rule will be amended accordingly and the actual working days will be 20.66 days per month in 2020.

Paydays are calculated as follows:

365 days 104 days (all weekends) = 261 days

261 days / 12 months = 21.75 days

No changes to payday calculation

Although the number of public holidays will be increased to 13 days in 2020, the paydays will not be affected as explained above. However, due to the changes in the number of public holidays, employee handbooks or any other internal rules and policies referring to public holidays should be updated.