On 30 June 2013 holiday days accrued before 1 July 2009 i.e. before entry into force of the current Employment Contracts Act, will expire. Hence, all long term workers and their employers should verify whether accrued holiday days have been taken. It is also time to start compiling worker holiday schedules for the current year.

Under current law, accrued holiday days expire within a year of falling due, e.g. holiday days accrued during 2012  expire on 31 December 2013. 

Employers should not dismiss the obligation to compile worker holiday schedules before the end of March and should be sure to inform their workers. It is often considered a formality, but if the holiday schedule is not compiled or a portion of the holiday is not registered in the schedule, the employee can take non-scheduled holidays at any moment by informing the employer 14 days in advance. To avoid problems in work organisation, employers should carefully consider management of work organisation during the summer and start compiling worker holiday schedules in good time.