Group Combines the Collective Voice of Businesses

Involved in the Construction of

Multi-family Rental, Redevelopment, Retail and Office Space Production

Hamilton, NJ – The New Jersey Builders Association (NJBA) is pleased to announce the formation of New Jersey Mixed-Use Developers (MXD). Leaders in residential, commercial, redevelopment and mixed-use development have come together in response to the evolving land use patterns in New Jersey. MXD will unite the voice of businesses involved in the construction of multi-family housing, retail and office space – otherwise known as mixed-use production, in New Jersey. MXD, along with NJBA, will advocate for providing the wide array of diverse housing choices, as well as commercial mixed-use developments that will facilitate the availability of housing and workplaces for all New Jersey residents.

"Along with the continuing demand for home ownership; renting, especially in urban areas, is a growing and viable preference for many residents," states Timothy J. Touhey, Chief Executive Officer of NJBA. "We are experiencing a demand for rental housing and New Jersey needs to be positioned to meet the needs of this market, as well as the needs of those who want to buy the traditional single-family home."

"To be competitive in the marketplace we need to utilize the power and resources of NJBA to advance the production of single-family and mixed-use development in New Jersey," adds George Vallone, President of The Hoboken Brownstone Company. "While homeownership remains of paramount importance to a segment of the population, others want an all-inclusive approach to housing with alternatives to complement their individual lifestyles. In order to respond to the market demand, we need to offer different types of housing choices for those who want to live in a suburban area, as well as those that prefer a mixed-use option in an urban setting. This emerging trend in development brings residential, commercial and mixed-use development together."

"Multi-family permits now represent nearly 40 percent of all building permits issued in New Jersey. Mixed-use development will be the sector with the greatest potential for growth and will comprise a large portion of the new development in New Jersey," adds Peter Porraro of Mill Creek Residential Trust. "As the popularity of mixed-use projects increases, mixed-use developers need a voice in Trenton and throughout the State that will speak to their emerging role in the development community."

"NJBA is highly regarded in Trenton. For nearly 65 years it has represented the interests of residential and commercial builders, remodelers, suppliers and other professionals that work in the construction industry before the Legislature, courts and regulatory agencies," states Dominick Paragano, NJBA President. "We now need to expand our base to include mixed-use developers. It is important that we have a strong voice in Trenton to advocate for the rights of all types of housing and workplaces for New Jersey residents."