Over 36 people and the families of four deceased workers will receive $101 million as a result of a recent settlement. The settlement stems from the collapse of a parking garage under construction at the Tropicana Casino Resort in 2003. According to a report made by cbs3.com in Philadelphia, the cause of the building failure was that the “floors of the parking deck were not properly fastened to the walls.”

The garage was part of a $265-milliondollar project to expand the Tropicana facilities. The garage collapsed as concrete was being poured. On April 29, 2004, OSHA cited four contractors for violations stemming from the collapse. Fines totaled $119,500 as one contractor, Fabi Construction, received a willful violation for its then-alleged “failure to erect, support and maintain formwork capable of supporting, without failure, all possible vertical and lateral loads.”

The settlement came approximately two months before the lawsuit was scheduled for trial. The settlement reportedly consisted of $82.5 million in cash payments, $8.2 million in workers’ compensation payments, $8.3 million for future medical expenses for the surviving victims, and $2 million paid out in previous settlements.