The OSC today released a report prepared by its Compliance and Registrant Regulation Branch that summarized the new and proposed rules impacting registrants, provided information intended to assist firms and individuals applying for registration, and identified deficiencies found in compliance reviews of registrants. The report primarily covered the OSC's 2011 fiscal year. 

Of particular interest, the deficiencies highlighted by the report include: (i) inaccurate calculations by firms of excess working capital on Form 31-103F1; (ii) inadequate insurance coverage by registered portfolio managers and investment fund managers; (iii) a lack of disclosure by portfolio managers regarding the use of client brokerage commissions; (iv) a delegation of "know your client" and suitability obligations by portfolio managers; (v) EMDs selling exempt securities in reliance on the accredited investor exemption to investors who do not meet the definition; (vi) individuals trading on behalf of EMDs without being registered as a dealing representative with the EMD; and (vii) EMDs inappropriately using investor funds.

The report also provides a number of suggested practices to assist registrants in addressing the various identified deficiencies. Guidance was also included concerning such issues as the use of social media, marketing practices and the provision of online advisory services. For more information, see OSC Staff Notice 33-736.