Manufacturers, petroleum refiners, coal mines, and cement kilns will be required to report the factors they use to calculate their annual GHG emissions as part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s mandatory reporting rule beginning March 31, when a temporary deferral expires. The industries have been reporting their total emissions to the agency, but the administration issued a memorandum December 17 finding that much of the factor data is already publicly available and will not cause competitive disadvantages upon being released. The agency has deferred until 2015 the requirement for oil and natural gas companies to report ten inputs used to calculate their emissions, as well as several data elements from stationary source combustion, hydrogen production, iron and steel production, lead production, lime manufacturing, carbonate uses, nitric acid production, petroleum and natural gas systems, petrochemical production, petroleum refineries, phosphoric acid production, pulp and paper production, silicon carbide production, soda ash manufacturing, titanium dioxide production, zinc production, industrial wastewater treatment, and industrial waste landfills.