On Tuesday, the Indiana House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 262, which would allow pharmacists to substitute an interchangeable biosimilar drug for a prescribed brand-name product.  The bill now moves to Governor Pence’s office for consideration.

The bill includes the five principles supported by BIO, the Biotechnology Industry Organization:

  • The FDA must deem a drug interchangeable before it can be substituted.
  • The physician must allow for substitution.
  • The pharmacist must notify the patient of the substitution.
  • The pharmacist must notify the doctor of the substitution.
  • Both the pharmacist and the doctor must keep a record of the substitution.

Should Governor Pence sign S.B. 262 into law, Indiana pharmacies will need to see that their pharmacists are properly trained on identifying interchangeable biosimilar drugs.  Additionally, Indiana pharmacies and physicians will need to implement policies and procedures to ensure that the required communication among pharmacists, physicians and patients related to drug substitutions takes place.

We’ll continue to monitor the status of S.B. 262.  Please check back in for updates.