The OEIL legislative observatory has updated the following voting dates:

  • a plenary sitting date for voting on the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID 2) and Regulation (MiFIR) has been put back to 24 October 2013. This date is indicative and will be subject to the Council reaching an agreement on the texts and the subsequent Trilogue negotiations;
  • the indicative plenary sitting date for voting on the Regulation on Insider Dealing and Market Manipulation (MAR) and CMAD has been postponed to 21 May 2013;
  • given that EP, the EU Commission and the Council have already reached, during Trilogue negotiations, a political agreement on the credit rating agencies Regulation (CRA3) and the Directive on non-overreliance on ratings in fund management, EP’s vote has been brought forward to 16 January 2013; and
  • the indicative plenary sitting date for the Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) has also been brought forward, to 12 March 2013.

(Source: OEIL File for MiFID2, OEIL File for MiFIR, OEIL File for CMAD, OEIL File for MAR, OEIL File for CRA3, OEIL File for Reliance on Ratings Directive and OEIL File for MCD)