From 1 April 2013 public funding is only available to bring housing disrepair claims where there is a serious risk of harm arising from a deficiency in a rented home. What this means in practical terms is that only very urgent and/or serious disrepair claims can be brought using public funding and most disrepair issues will fall short of the strict criteria that is now in place.

It is unlikely that any social housing tenants will be in a position to privately fund disrepair litigation to a satisfactory conclusion.

We can offer no win no fee agreements as an alternative way of funding a disrepair claim. Usually we would not need you to pay anything at the outset of the case and we could pursue a claim through to its conclusion under this funding arrangement. We can seek an order for repair works and compensation for you.

The general principal in litigation is that the winning party will have their costs paid by the losing party and so a successful claimant can seek payment of their costs from their landlord.

If you were unsuccessful in the claim then we would not usually charge for our work. We can advise you on insuring against the risk of having to pay costs to your landlord in the event that you were unsuccessful.

If you would like advice about no win no fee or any of our services please contact us for further information.