Draft screening assessments have been published for Batch 12 substances pursuant to the Chemical Management Plan. As a result of these screening assessments, Environment Canada proposes to add one of the Batch 12 substances, Trisiloxane, cotamethyl-, CAS No. 107-51-7 (“Trisiloxane”), to the List of Toxic Substances, under CEPA, 1999.

Trisiloxane is not manufactured in Canada, but was imported in 2005 and 2006. Trisiloxane is used as an ingredient in industrial, medical and consumer products including cleaning and degreasing products, personal care products and cosmetics. The draft screening assessment concluded that Trisiloxane met the ecological categorization criteria for persistence, bioaccumulation potential and toxicity to non-human organisms, but was not considered to constitute a danger to human life or health. The Screening Assessment and the Risk Management scope document for Trisiloxane are available at http://www.chemicalsubstances.gc.ca/.

All of the remaining Batch 12 substances failed to meet the criteria for toxicity pursuant to CEPA, 1999, and no further action is proposed by Environment Canada. These substances include: carbon black, CAS No. 1333-86-4; Guanidine, N,N’-diphenyl-, CAS No. 102-06-7; Cristobalite, CAS No. 14464-46-1 and Quartz (SiO2) CAS No. 14808-60-7; Trisiloxane, 1,1,1,5,5,5,-hexamethyl-3,3-bis[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-, CAS No. 3555-47-3; B-Alanine, N-[4-[(2-bromo-6-chloro-4-nitrophenyl)azo]phenyl]-N-(3-methoxy-3-oxopropyl)-,methyl ester; CAS No. 59709-38-5, Silanamine, 1,1,1-trimethyl-N-(trimethylsilyl)-,reaction products with ammonia, octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane and silica, CAS No. 68937-51-9; and Pyridine, alkyl derivs, CAS No. 68391-11-7; 1H-Indene, 2,3-dihydro-1,1,3,3,5-pentamethyl-4,6,dinitro-, CAS No. 116-66-5; Ethanamine, N-ethyl-N-hydroxy-, reaction products with hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane, silica and 1,1,1-trimethyl-N-(Trimethylsilyl)silanamine, CAS No. 68583-58-4; and Pyridine, 2-[3-(3-chlorophenyl)propyl]-, CAS No. 101200-53-7.