Let’s put the politics of the 2013 government shutdown aside and look at the practical questions. Like the government employees that are affected, contractors want to know if they should come to work. And if they do come to work, will they get paid? Will the options be exercised? Will their contract be terminated for convenience? Since contracting officers and their representatives are unavailable during the shutdown, where do they find the answers?

We have discussed many of the most common contractor questions in our earlier blog entries, most of which stem from the shutdown that was threatened in 2011. As to whether contractors will get paid for their work, our discussion of the Supreme Court’s decision in Salazar v. Ramah Navajo Chapter, No. 11-551 (U.S. June 18, 2012), is also interesting. Husch Blackwell's client alert on the government shutdown is available here.

Here are some additional resources that address many of contractors’ most frequently asked questions: