On 1 December 2016, the German Bundestag approved the Transparency Regulation of the Federal Network Agency for Telecommunications ("Regulation"). According to this, fixed and mobile providers will be obliged to provide greater transparency in the marketing of their broadband connections.

The Regulation gives consumers the right to receive regular information on the performance of their internet connection and thus on the actual realizable data transmission rate. These data must be storable and the vendors are obliged to point out the possibilities for the speed check, for example at www.breitbandmessung.de.

Before the contract is concluded, the suppliers must also point out the essential contractual components to the consumer in a product information sheet. These include, among other things, contract periods, data transmission rates and regulations for throttling.

But even during an ongoing contract, users must now be informed transparently: The monthly invoice must include the end of the minimum contract term and the notice period.

The Regulation was announced on 22.12.2016 and will enter into force after a transitional period of six months on 01.06.2017. It is published on the Internet at www.bundesnetzagentur.de/tk-transparenzverordnung.