United States

Yellen and Republicans disagree over Federal Reserve’s performance. The New York Times reported on Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen’s heated session with Republicans, at a hearing in front of the House Financial Services Committee, over the value of financial regulation and the effectiveness of monetary policy. Ms. Yellen recognized that economic growth was “quite disappointing,” but she noted that the Fed’s efforts had contributed to strong job growth since the 2008 financial crisis, and she defended the value of the resulting regulatory changes. (2/15/2017)

Piwowar explains campaign to jumpstart President Trump’s deregulatory agenda. In what The Wall Street Journal referred to as “a major exertion of authority for a position usually seen as a short-term caretaker,” SEC acting chairman Michael Piwowar is jumpstarting Trump’s deregulatory agenda by freezing unfinished Dodd-Frank requirements and opening the door to scaling back some completed rules he says are “politicized.” (2/15/2017)