The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced Monday that it will begin accepting consumer complaints about credit reporting, according to a press release from the bureau. Consumer credit reporting agencies include the “three largest credit reporting companies that sell comprehensive consumer reports; consumer report resellers that repackage information they buy from the largest companies; and specialty consumer reporting companies that primarily collect and provide specific types of information like on payday loans or checking accounts,” the release said.

This marks the first time that consumers have been able to access individual-level complaint assistance about credit reporting at the federal level. Consumers must first file a dispute and get a response from the credit reporting agency; if the agency does not respond or the consumer is dissatisfied with the resolution, the consumer may contact the CFPB for assistance with the following issues:

  • Incorrect information on a credit report;
  • A consumer reporting agency’s investigation;
  • The improper use of a credit report;
  • Being unable to get a copy of a credit score or file; and
  • Problems with credit monitoring or identify protection services.

For more, read the press release.