EU says it has completed its no-deal preparationsThe Independent

  • Brussels says it has completed its preparations for a no-deal Brexit and warned that it is “increasingly likely” that the UK will crash out.
  • In a statement released on Monday the European Commission said “preparedness and contingency work”, which it has been conducting since December 2017, was now finished.
  • The European Commission says it has published 90 preparedness notices, three Commission Communications, and has made 19 legislative proposals in order to deal with the possible consequences of a no-deal Brexit.
  • The EU’s no-deal measures include temporary fixes for problems that would otherwise arise with financial services, flights, freight, fisheries access, and the Erasmus programme.
  • It has also said it will provide continued funding of the PEACE programme in Northern Ireland, and set up a framework through which the UK could agree to continue to the EU budget.

Cabinet meets amid pressure on MayBBC

  • Following a weekend of speculation about her leadership and claims of a plot to oust her – something senior ministers have denied – May’s cabinet met this morning in order for May to update her cabinet on her Brexit strategy.
  • The Sun newspaper has used its front page to urge Mrs May to set a date for her resignation to win over reluctant Tories and the Democratic Unionist Party in order to bolster the chances of her withdrawal agreement passing in a third vote.
  • International Trade Secretary Liam Fox told the BBC Breakfast the government was “constrained by the fact that we have a leave electorate and a Parliament that leans towards remain and the government doesn’t have a majority in the House of Commons”. “Changing the prime minister doesn’t change any of that basic arithmetic,” he said.

Not enough support for Brexit deal vote yet, says PMBBC

  • Theresa May says she does not have enough support to win a vote on her EU withdrawal deal “as things stand”.
  • The PM will also order Tory MPs to vote against a bid by a group of MPs, headed by Tory Sir Oliver Letwin, to hold votes on alternatives to her plan.
  • DUP leader Arlene Foster told the prime minister her party had not changed its position and would not be backing the deal, in a telephone call after this morning’s cabinet meeting.
  • Theresa May also confirmed that the government will seek to change the UK’s 29 March departure date through a piece of secondary legislation, which will make 11pm on 12 April the earliest Brexit date.

MPs poised to take control and vote on Brexit optionsFT; the Guardian

  • MPs will tonight vote on a motion tabled by Tory MP Nick Boles and others that will allow the Commons to hold indicative votes on other options (May deal plus customs union; Common Market 2.0; no-deal Brexit; a second referendum).
  • The government has all but conceded it will lose control of parliament this week, with ministers believing it would be ultimately pointless for Theresa May to offer the government’s own plan.
  • It comes as May’s hopes that she still can force through her withdrawal deal faded after a phone call with Arlene Foster, in which the Democratic Unionist party leader rejected a personal plea for support.
  • In a meeting with Jeremy Corbyn later on Monday, the Labour leader also rejected suggestions that the prime minister’s exit deal could be separated from the future relationship.

Hard Brexit marks cut-off date for merger threshold calculations, EU Commission saysMLex

  • Merging companies seeking to determine whether they need to file their deal to the EU after a no-deal Brexit should include their UK revenues under the EU umbrella if their tie-up was announced before exit day, the European Commission said today.
  • The EU Commission published a notice giving “guidance only on the main implications that can be foreseen of a no-deal scenario for the application of EU competition law.”