Groundhog Day for LCN in Italy, as today the Consiglio di Stato (Administrative Supreme Court) suspended the LCN Consultation. 

For a recap of the story so far on the LCN, the logical channel numbering for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting, see our latest post. As for today’s Decision, the Council of State as a precautionary measure suspended its prior Decision no. 6021, which means that, until the end of the current revocation procedure: 1) the second LCN Plan (i.e. Agcom Regulation 237) is currently reinstated (albeit subject to other proceedings), and 2) all acts taken by the Commissioner (commissario ad acta) are suspended.

As you recall the Commissioner had been appointed by the same Administrative Supreme Court and was supposed to solve certain controversial numbering allocations. The current suspension is just a precautionary measure: the final decision may be taken any time after 17 July. Until then, there will likely be a standstill, which will add further delays to the LCN allocation process.