Dr Therese Coffey, a Conservative MP, has introduced the Bill under the ten minute rule motion. It had its first reading on 14 September 2011 and its second reading is expected on 25 November 2011.

This is a Private Member's Bill and, as is common practice, it has not been printed yet (it should be available before 25 November 2011). However, the general principles which are intended to be contained within the bill are publicly available. The Bill will seek to guarantee the right to provision of hydration and nutrition for terminally ill people; and for connected purposes. Dr Coffey has outlined that it is not a "Trojan horse to bring in euthanasia or assisted suicide, or to start force-feeding people". However she recommends a debate about offering or withholding life prolonging interventions.

It is understood that, in its current form, the Bill could have an impact on end of life decisions in the Court of Protection, General Medical Council guidance and the Liverpool Care Pathway. We will keep readers up to date in relation to the Bill's progress.