On October 13th, the SEC provided notice of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board's proposal relating to assessments for brokers, dealers, and municipal securities dealers under MSRB Rule A-13. The proposal would amend Rule A-13 to increase transaction assessments for certain municipal securities transactions reported to the Board and institute a new technology fee on reported sales transactions. The proposed amendment to Rule A-13 would increase the existing transaction assessments for inter-dealer and customer sales from .0005% to .001% of the total par value of inter-dealer sales and sales to customers that are reported by dealers to the MSRB; and impose a technology fee of $1.00 per transaction for inter-dealer and customer sales reported to the Board. The technology fee would be transitional in nature and would be reviewed by the Board periodically to determine whether it should continue to be assessed. The MSRB proposes an effective date of January 1st, 2011. Comments should be submitted on or before November 9th, 2010. SEC Release No. 34-63095.