Following a lengthy consultation, the OFT has published new criteria for how it intends to prioritise its investigations. The OFT acknowledges that it has finite resources and therefore has to prioritise the most relevant cases. In order to try to ensure some fairness and transparency to this process the OFT establishes and publishes criteria on which to base its prioritisation decisions. The OFT will generally take into account and balance a number of factors (although it may take into account other relevant issues). The principal factors to be taken into account will be: the direct and indirect impact of the behaviour on consumers and the likely economic impacts on the market; the strategic importance of the case and whether the OFT is best placed to act in the circumstances; the risk of a successful outcome; and the implications of the work upon the OFT's resources. In practice, these criteria establish a hurdle that any complainant must overcome before the OFT will expend resources to investigate allegations of anti-competitive activity.