We all know the importance of ensuring that an accurate plan forms part of any registrable document, such as a lease or transfer, for Land Registry purposes. The plan provided to the Land Registry must be based on an Ordnance Survey plan and is fundamental in describing the estate to be registered. Without an accurate plan difficulties will be encountered, which could, in a worst case scenario, prevent your document having legal status.

What is not always widely known is that it is not possible for the Ordnance Survey to replicate the exact position of each physical feature on the ground. This means that measurements scaled between features shown on Ordnance Survey plans may not exactly match the actual distance measured between the same features on the ground. As such the title plans held by the Land Registry simply show general boundaries, rather than an exact legal position. So while you may think that you know what you own – it may not be that straightforward and it may be necessary to look into the pre-registration deeds to fully understand the position.