I spent some time yesterday at the new Small Business Resource Center, which went live this week on the website of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. I think it’s great.

Small businesses, which may be just below or at the cusp of coverage by federal anti-discrimination laws, are often confused about (1) whether they are covered, and (2) if so, what they need to do.

The EEOC portal contains all kinds of helpful information for employers in this boat, and it’s written in plain language with a minimum of legalese. The Center includes information about coverage and then a lot about what covered employers are required to do. There is helpful, practical information about discrimination, harassment, reasonable accommodation (disability, pregnancy, and religion), and retaliation, including information about developing policies. There’s even a glossary of “EEO terminology” for those who haven’t spent their whole lives with these issues.

You won’t need an HR background or a law degree to figure it out – guaranteed!