Both the House and Senate have approved similar versions of satellite reauthorization legislation. On September 16, the House Judiciary Committee approved the Satellite Home Viewer Extension and Reauthorization Act, which would renew the copyright license for a 5-year term that lets Direct Broadcast Satellite (“DBS”) companies transmit out-of-market network programming to their subscribers. On September 24, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved S. 1670, the Satellite Television Modernization Act of 2009, which, like the House bill, would reauthorize DBS providers to retransmit broadcast television stations. The House bill would override a court order currently forbidding Dish Network from sending out-of-market signals to so-called “short markets” that do not have access to one or more major broadcasters on local airwaves, but the Senate version would not. Both bills will go to markup in the House and Senate Commerce committees.