The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has granted no-action relief to the commodity pool operator (CPO) of certain publicly offered commodity pools with respect to certain of the CFTC’s disclosure, reporting and recordkeeping requirements. Shares in these pools are to be offered pursuant to an effective registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission and will be listed for trading on a national securities exchange. Specifically, the CFTC exempted the CPO from the following requirements: (i) obtaining a signed acknowledgment of each investor’s receipt of a Disclosure Document, (ii) providing monthly account statements to investors and (iii) maintaining required books and records at the CPO’s main office. Instead, investors would be given access to a CFTC-compliant Disclosure Document and information consistent with that required in a monthly account statement through posting on the CPO’s website, and the required records would be retained by the pools’ administrator and custodian.