In a follow up to its June statement on the rising costs of insurance (which is leading to increased premiums), Insurance Ireland issued further statements on 1 and 14 July 2016 on the cost of motor claims in Ireland.  Interesting statistics highlighted include that 80% of motor injury claims in Ireland are for whiplash with the average settlement being €15,000 (compared to the UK average of €5,000).  Attention is also drawn to the 21.2% increase in average Circuit Court awards during 2015, which is stated to be a result of the increase in Court jurisdiction limits which occurred in 2014.  Insurance Ireland called for action to be taken to address the situation. Its suggestions include (a) stronger powers for the Injuries Board to resolve claims, (b) increased resources for road traffic enforcement, (c) internationally benchmarked awards, and (d) a change to how costs of insurer failures are borne by the insurance industry (and, ultimately, policyholders).