On November 23rd, the Ontario legislature passed the Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act (the "Act").

The Act has two key goals: to encourage the conservation and protection of clean water sources in the Province, as well as to support the development of water-related industries. The Act supports sustainable municipal water planning by establishing a framework to help municipalities identify and plan for long term infrastructure needs to reduce leakage in the system and ensure efficient water use. These efforts also include assisting municipalities in identifying opportunities to demonstrate and implement new and emerging Ontario water technologies, services and practices. There are also provisions targeting household water use and efforts to encourage consumption through innovation at the individual level.

The Act also sets the stage to make the Province the leading North American jurisdiction on matters relating to water technologies and services. Ontario firms are already recognized as leaders in ultraviolet disinfection, compact sewage treatment, water information and systems software, and plant design and operation. By creating the Water Technology Acceleration Project (Water TAP), a technology hub bringing together industry, academics and government, the Act establishes a framework to build on the expertise that already exists in the Province to further develop the sector and promote it abroad.