The FCC has an open rulemaking proceeding (ET Docket Nos. 04-186 and 02-380) to consider authorizing TV white space devices (TVWSDs)—that is, low-power devices that operate in the TV broadcast spectrum at locations where certain channels are not being used to provide TV service. Some parties have suggested that TVWSDs may help bring faster broadband access to consumers, while MSTV, NAB and others have argued that TVWSDs could interfere with TV reception.

In a July 10, 2008, Public Notice, the FCC announced that the Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) will begin field testing prototype TVWSDs. These tests are part of the FCC's ongoing efforts to assess the interference potential of, and develop requirements for, such devices. The tests will be conducted at various locations in and around Washington, DC, during a four-week period beginning July 14, 2008. Testing is open to the public; specific dates and locations will be posted to the FCC's website.