On July 30, Fannie Mae issued a servicing notice to remind servicers of requirements pertaining to Adverse Action Notices. The notice states that Fannie Mae requires a servicer to send an Adverse Action Notice to a borrower within 30 days after Fannie Mae advises the servicer through HomeSaver Solutions Network (HSSN) of the declination of the modification request if: (i) the servicer submitted the request to Fannie Mae through HSSN for a mortgage loan modification decision; and (ii)  the borrower was current on the date that Fannie Mae advised the servicer that Fannie Mae declined the mortgage loan modification request. In such cases, the servicer must: (i) maintain a copy of the Adverse Action Notice in the mortgage loan servicing file; and (ii) provide Fannie Mae a copy of the Adverse Action Notice the servicer sends to the borrower by uploading it to HSSN. At a minimum, if the servicer elects to use its own Adverse Action Notice as opposed to the Fannie Mae-provided form, it must: (i) inform the borrower that Fannie Mae as the owner of the mortgage loan reviewed the mortgage loan modification request; (ii) provide Fannie Mae’s contact address; (iii) provide the reason Fannie Mae did not approve the request, in addition to the reason the servicer did not approve the request; and (iv) identify the credit reporting agency and contact information, if applicable. The notice also alerts servicers of updates to the Allowable Foreclosure Attorney Fees Exhibit, Evaluation Model Clauses, and the Master Custodial Agreement (Form 2003).