March 1 – Space Exploration Technologies Corp. successfully launched the Eutelsat 115 West B satellite for Eutelsat Americas and the ABS-3A satellite for ABS Global, Ltd. on a Falcon 9 launch vehicle. Both satellites were manufactured by Boeing Satellite Systems International Inc. based on its 702SP all-electric satellite platform and are the first ever 702SP satellites launched into orbit. Equipped with Cand Ku-band transponders, ABS-3A will be positioned at the 3°W orbital location to provide coverage of the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East for communications and broadcasting services. Also equipped with C- and Ku-band transponders, Eutelsat 115 West B will be positioned at the 114.9°W orbital location to provide coverage of Canada, Alaska and Latin America for broadband, cellular backhaul, VSAT and social connectivity services.

March 19 – A Russian Proton-M integrated launch vehicle successfully orbited the Express AM-7 satellite for the Russian Satellite Communications Co. Manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space based on the Eurostar E3000 satellite platform, Express AM-7 will be used to provide television and radio broadcast, telephony, broadband, multimedia, data and mobile communications services to customers throughout Russia, Europe and India.

March 27 – Arianespace S.A. successfully launched two satellites for Europe’s Galileo navigation constellation on a Europeanized Soyuz launch vehicle. The satellites, manufactured by prime contractor OHB System AG, with navigation payloads supplied by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd., represent the seventh and eighth Galileo satellites launched to date.