The Employment Tribunal Service has published its report covering the period 1 April 2007 to 31 March 2008. A total of 183,903 claims were accepted that year – a 43% increase over 2006/07. The highest number of claims related to equal pay, which accounted for 62,706 claims, probably the result of the many multiple claims being brought against public sector employers. Working time cases came second with 55,712 claims (a rise of 164%) and in third place were 40,941 unfair dismissal claims, down from 44,491 the previous year. The number of age discrimination claims increased from 972 to 2,919, which was anticipated as this was the first full reporting year during which the Age Regulations have been in force. The number of most other types of claim stayed fairly constant.

These statistics only cover the period up to April 2008 and the likelihood is that the effects of the recession will result in an increase in certain types of claim, such as unfair dismissal and redundancy payments.