A new Appendix KA has been added to Circular 06/04: Compulsory Purchase and the Crichel Down Rules. This sets out new guidance dealing with requests to councils from local communities, voluntary organisations and third parties for the use of compulsory purchase powers in the acquisition of local "much loved" assets. The idea behind the proposals is explained in the document:

"The Right to Buy, being introduced through the Department for Communities and Local Government's Localism Bill, will give people a foot in the door when assets come up for sale. But some groups can't wait that long and are living in communities blighted by abandoned buildings and derelict sites spoiling the look, feel and safety of their area. Communities often have good ideas for making better use of these buildings or assets but are thwarted by negligent owners interested only in rising land prices. The revised guidance could help them to take action quickly. If communities want to bring a valued local asset back to use - for example turning a boarded up building into a community centre - they can contact their council and ask them to use a compulsory purchase order to buy the asset."