By Dispatch no. 1 of Secretary for Public Works and Transportation a new “Regulation on Internet Domain Name Registration of the Macao Special Administrative Region” has come in force.

The main changes are:

  • Launching on the first period of .澳門domain registration application;
  • The dispute period is shortened from 30 days to 15 days;
  • Renewal can be applied for only with the request for renewal;
  • The documents that need to be submitted with the application are less than before:
  • In the 45 days that follow of the entry into force of this new regulation, public entities or the holders of trademarks and patents in Macau can apply for the registration of domain names for “.澳門” domain names.

Types of domain names available

1. “”, “.公司.mo” or “.公司.澳門” – available for companies incorporated in Macau or  natural person exercising a liberal profession in Macau;

2. “”, “.網絡.mo” or “.網絡.澳門” – available for internet or public telecommunications services providers in Macau, duly licensed;

3. “”, “.組織.mo” or “.組織.澳門” – available for associations registered in Macau.

4. “", “.教育.mo” or “.教育.澳門” – available for education establishments recognised by Macau SAR.

5. “”, “.政府.mo” or “.政府.澳門”  - available for Macau SAR public entities.

REQUIREMENTS for ““”, “.公司.mo” or “.公司.澳門”

To register a domain the name needs to match either a trademark or patent registered in Macau or the trade name of a company incorporated in Macau.

An applicant will need to register in sequence "COM.MO" and then ".MO"

The duration of a domain name registration is valid for THREE years, the registration fee is charged on a yearly basis. From the date of the domain name registration and must submit the payment within sixty days prior the expiry.


The required documents to register a domain in Macau are the following:

1. Copy of the Macau trademark certificate or the business registration certificate of the local company

2. If the applicant is not the trademark or patent holder, then a written consent signed by the actual holder with the copy of identification document from the signatory must be submitted within the stated period in paragraph 2.

2. Declaration of agreement, notarised

3. Confirmation Letter, notarised

4. Authorization Letter, notarised – if a third party handles the procedure