The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia has, on 8 June 2018, adopted the Amendments to the Companies Act (“the Amendments”). As already observed, the provisions set out under the Amendments represent an answer to adjusting to the current business needs in Serbia (

That said, it is worth noting that, starting from 1 October 2018, the Amendments stipulate an important obligation for domestic business companies (the “companies”).

Namely, the companies now have the obligation to file a request for registering their e-mail address to the Serbian Business Register Agency (“SBRA”) until 1 October 2019, at the latest. Consequently, such e-mail addresses will allow SBRA to digitally inform companies on any resolution enacted with regard to their business with more ease.

Hopefully, this obligation will enable the existence of a more digitalized business world in Serbia and provide for a more efficient manner of communication between SBRA and the companies, while it is expected that the Amendments will bring more clarity in interpreting the Companies Act as well as in fully understanding the aims and goals which the legislator intended to achieve.