Call for comments on the Exemption Order for RDUs: among other things, Commission is looking for proposals to provide an additional safeguard to ensure that an exempt RDU is not assigned the “last frequency” in a medium‐ or large‐size market, thereby preventing the future licensing of a local radio service. Comments due June 2

Various applications, including Bell Aliant proposal to distribute community programming on VOD. Comments due June 17  

Various applications, including radio in BC, ON, and Montreal, plus Specialty Cat 2 apps. Interventions due June 20  

Various applications, including request by Access Communications Co‐op to stop LPIF contributions. Comments due June 21  

CRTC seeks comment on Over‐the‐Top Services in response to concern about Netflix, and a letter request from OTT Working Group, Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage. Comments due June 27  

Potential Exemption Order for SRDUs. Comments due July 11