The Ontario Securities Commission, among other regulators, released amendments today to the recently adopted rule regarding trade repositories and derivatives data reporting that are intended to lessen the burden on local end-user counterparties, while also delaying the effective date of reporting obligations under the rule.

As we discussed last week, the CSA recently announced a delay in implementation of reporting obligations. Specifically, clearing agencies and dealers will now have to begin trade reporting on October 31, 2014, while all other OTC derivatives market participants will be required to report beginning on June 30, 2015. The requirement for trade repositories to make transaction-level reports publicly available will also be delayed to April 30, 2015.

The amendments also repeal provisions of the rules that established a fall-back mechanism requiring local non-dealer counterparties to monitor the transaction reporting of foreign dealer reporting counterparties. The amendment is intended to relieve a significant burden on local end-user counterparties.

Meanwhile, Quebec’s AMF today stated that it intends to formalize the delay in implementation dates by publishing a blanket exemption to be effective as of July 2, 2014. Further, it also intends to propose amendments to the TR Rule in order to “maintain a harmonized national oversight and reporting regime for OTC derivatives markets”, in the near future. The AMF advises that it therefore seeks to specify that reporting counterparties that are dealers, clearing houses or financial institutions will be required to report derivatives data pursuant to Part 3 of the TR Rule as of October 31, 2014.